Psychologist Dorota Maria Pietraszewska

I am a psychologist, therapist and family mediator, as well as a Motivational Dialogue Practitioner. Currently, I am in the process of training in psychotraumatology.

I graduated from psychological studies at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. I completed the 1st and 2nd degree training in Solution Focused Therapy at CTSR in Warsaw, training in Motivational Dialogue conducted by PIDM, as well as elementary schools in Rational Behavior Therapy. I have completed specialized training in family mediation and crisis intervention in the work of a psychotherapist. I completed postgraduate studies in Sociotherapy and Applied Behavior Analysis (SAZ), as well as various courses and trainings in the field of psychological diagnosis, psychoprophylaxis and neuropsychology, including 1st and 2nd degree training in EEG Biofeedback therapy. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skills, taking part in scientific conferences, courses and training.

I have been working in the profession of a psychologist for over 17 years. I gained my professional experience by working initially as a psychologist in a residential and home hospice for 5 years, for the next several years I worked as a psychologist in an integration school and a psychological and pedagogical counseling center, conducting psychoeducational classes and workshops on psychosocial skills for adults and children, as well as training in the scope of communication for healthcare professionals. I also acted to counteract domestic violence in the Interdisciplinary Team. I worked as a crisis intervener with people injured by COVID-19 and acted on a night telephone line – psychological assistance for medical staff as part of the Psychologists for Society campaign.

I currently live in Norway where I run a private therapeutic practice called PoMoc Psychologiczna. In my work, I integrate various therapeutic approaches, drawing the most from TSR – solution-focused therapy, ACT – acceptance and commitment training, RTZ – rational behavior therapy and knowledge in neurobiology.

In each of those places where I worked, I learned something valuable as a psychologist, therapist, and also as a human being. I got to know the specifics of working with people of different ages and with different needs.

I work with children, teenagers and adults. I provide consultations, psychological counseling, and psychoeducation. I support people in traumatic situations, experiencing problems that hinder their daily functioning, who want to implement a change in their behavior and habits. I support parents in solving educational and family problems.

Coach / trainer Dorota Maria Pietraszewska

I have been an academic teacher at the University of Rehabilitation in Warsaw since 2016, and since 2019 I have been the deputy head of the department in medical psychology. I conduct educational classes on the basics of psychological help and stress psychology, as well as training in interpersonal communication in relation to the patient and his family. I also run postgraduate studies in Psychodietetics and Rehabilitation of Children and Babies. I am also the author of postgraduate studies in Practical Sport Psychology. I share my knowledge in the field of psychology, mental health and interpersonal relations, among others by providing it in the form of webinars on “Psychological First Aid in emotional management” and “Psychological First Aid in building healthy relationships.” I organize a cyclical event called “Psychology Day WSR”, the task of which is to promote reliable and practical knowledge in various areas of psychology. I am a trainer in the field of psychosocial skills such as communication, assertiveness, counteracting burnout, coping with stress. I conduct trainings for public sector institutions, non-governmental organizations and people providing psychological assistance, among others in cooperation with Asseco Data Systems S.A.


Dorota Maria Pietraszewska

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