Psychologist Dorota Maria Pietraszewska

I provide psychological consultations, conduct therapy and workshops.

In terms of psychological consultations, I deal with:

  • work in the area of recognizing and expressing emotions,
  • mood disorders,
  • anxiety behavior therapy,
  • coping with stress,
  • difficulties in relationships,
  • work with mourning,
  • work with trauma,
  • psychosomatic disorders,
  • supporting parents in the area of developing educational competences,
  • preparing children for hospitalization,
  • psychological support.

What methods do I work with?

I work in an integrative approach. This means that I apply the concepts of various schools of psychotherapy, selecting strategies and therapeutic methods optimally to the specificity of the reported problems and the patient’s needs. I run individual adult sessions and family therapy.


Therapy via Skype, Teams, Messenger, WhatsApp is primarily intended for people who:

  • live in places where inpatient psychological help is not available;
  • due to various types of difficulties, they have a difficult contact with a psychologist in the office and / or do not leave the house;
  • due to the nature of the work (e.g. frequent departures), they cannot use stationary assistance.

In order to arrange an on-line meeting, please send a message to the following e-mail address:

Coach / trainer Dorota Maria Pietraszewska

You can contact me when you need training on:

  • communication skills
  • shaping an assertive attitude
  • developing your strengths
  • counteracting professional burnout
  • coping with stress
  • finding balance in work and personal life
  • cooperation with people with disabilities

For a detailed therapy and training offer, please contact me.


Dorota Maria Pietraszewska

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